A Possible Fix for Low Earpiece Volume on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


iphone 4 ear speaker too low

Problem: On iPhone, low ear-speaker/ earpiece volume during phone call even when volume is set to maximum. Caused After: Sometimes after iOS upgrade or when something falls into the ear-phone cavity. Devices: iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 (all variants). Solution: As strange as it may sound, simply suck the earpiece/ ear-speaker cavity as hard as possible. Low Speaker Volume on iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s: Here’s the Fix. By simply pressing the volume buttons at the side of the device, you can either increase or decrease the volume. For iPhones and iPads, the volume buttons control both the ringer volume (when no video or music playing) and also the playback volume (when there is video or music playing). Aug 01,  · Question: Q: iPhone speaker volume low. at the ear piece I noticed dirt or grime was coming out of the speaker onto the phone. too) but it's the only thing that worked for me. If you've had the problem since day 1 and it's not a refurbished phone, you may want to utilize the warranty replacement option.

Low Call Volume On iPhone 7 Plus or 7? Here's the Fix

Lot of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users reported volume issues when using the iPhone. Volume for both phone and speakers are too low. Even if users tap the volume up button, it still down goes to zero. Iphone 4 ear speaker too low times volume indicator disappears. The only way to get volume indicator back is restarting the phone. Solution Remove protective plastic that came on the screen.

Actually its is not a screen protector. It will increase speaker volume. None of the above would work completely right or correct iphone 6 or 6 plus its volume problem.

I have a jailbroken 6 plus and non jailbroken 6. The jailbroken has an equalizer and there is a preset that really makes it loud calling or listening to music. The non jailbroken volume is really low only about 35 to 40 lower than the jailbroken. That said makes it software issue for ios 8. Iphone 4 ear speaker too low wait for an update from apple…. Same problem here. Nearly any video I watch on YouTube or on Facebook starts at "normal" volume then suddenly decreases after a minute or so.

No forum has solutions, only guesses, iphone 4 ear speaker too low. What is the deal, Apple? I just updated to the latest iOS and still it happens.

If the music sound lower than usual, simply slide the cursor left or right. This should restore the volume to its normal setting it works for my 6 plus. I have the same issue with my iPhone 6. When I play videos the volume will suddenly decrease. Kind of like when I get a text message and it decreases the volume of the video and plays the text tone.

But there is no text; it just decreases for no reason. This happens every time I watch a video. I haven't noticed it happening with playing music. I've updated. I'm not sure what to do. Im really frustrated, iphone 4 ear speaker too low. Any help iphone 4 ear speaker too low be greatly appreciated! That happens to me sometimes when I use and or watch a video on Facebook!

Double tap the home and close it if you use it and the volume will go back to normal. Same issue persists. It is obviously an issue between Facebook and iphone — but no one will admit it, iphone 4 ear speaker too low, which seems par for the course. Have found NO solution. I also have the same problem but when i played the music on my phone it was okay but when i used Vine or when i typed there's noo voice even when i lock it.

Hey so I'm having an issue with my iPhoneI can't hear anything every time I click the button on the left side and every time I try to put up the volume it always says "headphones "when I'm not really using it?

Any suggestions on what to do? When i call someone he cant hear memy voice cant be heardi have an i phone 6 … Any help please? Y'all I was having the same issue. Go under notifications and it'll help you get your tones back. Hi, I fixed mine by cleaning an invisible layer of lint trapped on the speaker with a qtip soaked in isopropyl alcohol, and then drying it with a dry qtip.

Actually had to turn the volume down afterwards, hope this helps…. I make no claim as to whether its ok to use alcohol on your iphone. I found out the reason why the video volume decreases, but no fix yet. If watching a video on facebook, if you click on the video from feed, it marks a point.

If you pause iphone 4 ear speaker too low video, perhaps it marks a point as well. And when you scroll back to those marking points, iphone 4 ear speaker too low, the audio tend to be at the lowest during those marking points. My i phone 6 sound is reduced drastically. Pls give tips and solution's if any.

Or else I will have to throw the phone in the garbage!!!!! I will never buy an apple phone again!!! I can't hear when talking to someone on the phone. They will not emit it is there fault! I would not recommend this phone to anyone!!! My IPhone 6 Plus has been wonderful. But weeks ago I could barely hear when using the phone. My wife Googled my problems and what worked for me was taking a Q-Tip, soaking it in Isophyll Alcohol rubbing it across the hearing port and then drying it with the other end of the Q-Tip.

For good measure, I also used a blow dryer on cool. I can hear perfectly now. I can't solve my volume problem Phone call phone ring is ok But media or Facebook or YouTube or music Some kind like that no sound I do reset everything but Something's is really wrong Can't listen any thing beside phone call. Volume is fine through speaker when playing different types of media. However, when I use the EarPods, the volume is not playing at the full level of volume.

Since its low, I turn it all the way up. But when I receive a notification, the volume raises to the volume it should've been playing at all along. Also does it when making a phone call. The dial tone is low, but when the person I'm calling answers, the volume raises. Is this a software issue? The calling issue also happens when I'm just using the handset as well. Well none of these options worked for me. I found a solution that did work for me.

Make sure you have your headphones on while doing this. I know I did! Use a Iphone 4 ear speaker too low moist with alcohol to clean the ear speaker and then dry with the other dry side of the Qtip. It works perfectly. Probably some kind of dirt stuck up inside. I have the same issues with the volume not playing at full level until or unless I get a text or fb notification… those tend to release the volume hold and then it's blaring! I use it attached to Bluetooth to teach group fitness classes and this volume problem is a real issue!

Facebook is definitely causing an issue. Just listening to music on my headphones, opened Facebook and volume immediately decreased. Googled and found there might be a conflict. Double clicked home button and killed the Facebook app and voila, volume immediately increased to normal, iphone 4 ear speaker too low. And then when I go to other apps the phone is stuck in that low setting.

Haven't really found a sure fats way to get it to normal, iphone 4 ear speaker too low. If this isn't fixed with next update I'll definitely pick up a new phone. This annoys the hell out of me when listening to podcasts. Witch I do most on my phone except calling and texting. Have you found a solution yet? I found that my iPhone 6 ring tones, and notifications do not work at all since I used a third-party headset, iphone 4 ear speaker too low. Now any incoming calls are silent but when I play music on the speaker, it's fine.

Please let me know if you have any solutions. Same issue. I can't stand it. I usually text myself so that the volume will return to normal. It all started after a software update last Spring or Winter. I'm going to try and reset everything. I had the same problem.


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iphone 4 ear speaker too low


5. Use Speaker Mode. The last tip when iPhone has low call volume is to use speaker mode while making or receiving calls. If the volume is loud enough making you able to hear everything clearly, then there may be a software glitch in your device. On the other hand, if you can't hear anything properly, the issue probably lies with your hardware. It is the second solution for your low call volume on iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Phone noise cancellation feature reduce the ambient and the surround sound giving it a better crisp sound. It really helps during the phone call as it cancels out the surrounding sound and focuses on the conversation itself. Ear speaker low sound when making calls I have a customer that brought his iPhone 6 saying his ear speaker volume was very low and he could barely hear what the other person was saying even in a .