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It has been a long time coming, but TweetDeck for Android is finally upon us, albeit in beta form. The company affirms they have built the application from the ground up, allowing them to retain. TweetDeck for iOS has been updated to version , that bring new UI and lots of new features. This has been specially built from the scratch for iOS This UI is similar to TweetDeck for Android, that was launched at the end of last year. This include some cool features like Pull to Update. Connect with loved ones with this 32GB Nokia cell phone. The inch HD display is designed to enhance the viewing experience, while 32GB of storage can be expanded to GB to keep all your files at hand. This unlocked Nokia cell phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM for performance /5(35).

TweetDeck for iOS Revamped; Gets new UI

If you try accessing Twitter from the browser of a mobile phone, Twitter will automatically serve you the mobile-optimized version of their site. However, if in case Twitter fails to recognize your smartphone, you can manually type m.

Have a look! The app will automatically recognize hashtags in the tweets and a notification icon will show you the number of tweetdeck for nokia phones messages in your Twitter timeline just like your BlackBerry displays notifications for unread emails or missed calls. The latest beta of UberTwitter also includes support for Twitter Lists. Seesmic — With Seesmic, tweetdeck for nokia phones, you can track all your saved searches and Twitter lists inside your BlackBerry phone.

Just like most other BlackBerry apps, Seesmic can run in tweetdeck for nokia phones background and notify you of new direct messages and replies via the famililar notification icons. Tweets60 — As the name suggests, Tweets60 is a native Twitter client for Nokia S60 smartphones that is available in both free and pro versions. This application is primarily for users who just want to quickly update their own status on Twitter as well as follow what their other friends are saying on Twitter.

The pro version supports additional features like the ability to post images to TwitPic and follow search terms on Twitter.

Gravity — Gravity is a hugely popular and powerful Twitter client for Nokia S60 smartphones. With Gravity, tweetdeck for nokia phones, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, tweetdeck for nokia phones, save links from tweets to your delicious account, tweetdeck for nokia phones, post pictures to any of the Twitter-friendly photo sharing site like TwitPic of YFrog and it obviously supports all the other Twitter functions like retweets, direct messages, favorites, etc.

Snaptu — Snaptu is an all-in-one application that lets you manage your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and even your Google Picasa account from the mobile phone, tweetdeck for nokia phones.

Tiny Twitter — This is a free Twitter application for Windows Mobile that provides all the basic Twitter functionality.

PockeTwit — This is another popular Twitter client for Windows Mobile with support for multiple accounts. You can take a picture from your camera and post it directly to Twitter via PockeTwit. The application features a nice sliding interface so you can drag the tweets to the left to see all the actions that you can take on that tweet. PockeTwit is free and open-source. Twikini — The app integrates with Windows Media Player so you can tweet the name of the song that you are currently listening to.

Twikini can shrink URLs using Bit, tweetdeck for nokia phones. If you have a GPS enabled mobile phone, you can also add your location to the tweet with Twikini. Twidroid supports all features of Twitter including Twitter lists. You can shake tweetdeck for nokia phones Android phone to fetch the latest tweets but this again requires the pro edition.

Seesmic — With Seesmic for Android, you can capture photos or record videos and share them on directly Twitter via yFrog.

The app will also let you share you current location on Twitter. Tweetdeck — TweetDeck is a brilliant application that you may use to manage both Facebook and tweetdeck for nokia phones multiple Twitter accounts from the iPhone or iPod Touch. Just shake your iPhone to check if there are any new updates. You also get a bookmarklet that lets you post links from Safari directly to Twitter via the Tweetie app. Twittelator — One of the unique features of Twittelator is that it lets you record and tweet both audio and video clips from your iPhone.

The basic version of Twittelator is available for free on the iTunes store. Echofon — This is light-weight Twitter client for the iPhone that is free and supports nearly all the basic function of Twitter. Dabr will display a more detailed profile of Twitter users so you can quickly decide whether or not to follow a particular user. It will auto-convert Twitpic and other picture URLs into thumbnails so you can view images directly in your Twitter timeline without having to click the click.

And since Dabr is a mobile website, you can use it from just about any mobile phone, not just a smartphone. Another option is email. Whatever you put in the email subject will be converted into your Twitter status. This email to twitter option will be quite handy if your phone plan allows unlimited email but tweetdeck for nokia phones need to pay for every extra byte that you download on the phone lot of BlackBerry plans are like this.

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tweetdeck for nokia phones


Jul 08,  · Integration between Android phones and Windows PCs is one of the main selling points for the Microsoft Launcher app. (Microsoft Photos) I’m still sad Windows Phone isn’t really a . From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary. Dec 13,  · Sponsored links The past month has seen a major push to make Windows Phone a serious competitor in the mobile phone market with the launch of Windows Phone 8 and new, sleek Nokia phones. A major complaint about Windows Phone has been a lack of apps, but news today indicates that the Windows Phone store has [ ].